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Mural in Beirut’s Armenian neighborhood. Beyond Borders’ creative collaboration with Fearless Collective

“what is home, how do we make it, why do we leave it, homes away from homes, makeshift homes, tents as homes, crumbling buildings as homes, people as our homes, a backpack as home, no home. homelessness. migration. being a refugee. or in exile. self exile. homes forced upon us. comforting homes. what is your […]

Peace building. Where should it be started from?

Peace building is a complicated issue, which has given way to a number of theories regarding how it should be done and what it means in the world today. We believe peace-building starts from ourselves. Each person has her own borders, which can paralyze communication with other people.  We ask ourselves: How much do I […]

Wor-L-ds Beyond Borders

In the last three years, having met, lived and worked together in Armenia and Turkey; with the hope to continue sharing our stories in time, we wished to stay connected and learn more each other’s wor(L)ds… In order to get more acquainted with each other’s languages we decided to follow Sibil Çekmen’s playful idea from […]

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As women from Armenia and Turkey and for us this project means a lot of things, but most importantly it means a strong community, peace, healing and trust building. We build our collective work on constructive communication and solidarity. When we gathered in Buyukada in September of 2015, we agreed that those are the words that represents the project for each of us: empowerment, breaking stereotypes, collective work, collectivity, collaboration, creativity, life, coexistence, coresistance, journey, respect, spontaneity, performativity, living together, expression through arts, mindfulness and self-expression

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