Peace building. Where should it be started from?

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Peace building is a complicated issue, which has given way to a number of theories regarding how it should be done and what it means in the world today.

We believe peace-building starts from ourselves. Each person has her own borders, which can paralyze communication with other people. 

We ask ourselves:

How much do I know myself?
Am I aware of my borders?
Is it still possible to talk with someone who doesn’t know my language?
Is verbal language the only way to speak?
What is she trying to tell me?
How can I reply to her?

We focus on non-verbal communication techniques via story telling and performance art methods in order to build a creative process between women across difficult borders.

We live and work together. We talk, we keep silent, we dance, we cry, we laugh, we sing, we look at each other, and we listen.