Performance Art

From the beginning of the project, performance art was seen as a tool and method through which participants would build trust among each other. But the group agreed that the most important aspect of the project was the process and not the end result.

In the first year of the project, the group collected stories of sexuality from women in their immediate contexts and later read these stories in a performance to a larger audience.

In the second year the emphasis on the body and non-verbal communication facilitated the development of a mute performance, which was telling the stories of each participant in relation to the others. And in the third year, an improvisational performance was made, which included a reading of the poem “I Want to Live” by Armenian feminist poet Shushanik Kurghinian and singing a Kurdish revolutionary song “Rojek Te” to a group of people occupying and resisting in Kamp Armen, Istanbul.

Performance has been an important aspect of the Beyond Borders project both as a goal to work toward during each year’s retreat as well as a way to make the work and ideology of the group visible to the public.