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In 2014 the Beyond Borders group decided to focus on storytelling non-verbally and through body movement. The retreat took place in the village of Aghdzq in Armenia and a total of 20 participants from Armenia and Turkey took part. For ten days they worked and collaborated together, a number of workshops were held related to body-movement and non-verbal communication. Discussions about sexuality and womanhood, and performance techniques also took place. During the last few days of the retreat a performance was developed relating to borders. Two performances took place, one in Aghdzq and one in Yerevan.

The performance created after the week-long workshops (between  2-5 each day) was innovative in the lack of speech it contained. It was a good demonstration of the progress participants made in understanding and feeling each other without the need to communicate in words. This is the ultimate trust based on honesty towards others and towards one-self in the process of living and working together in a big group of women for 2 weeks. People from all over Armenia and from different parts of the world, who happened to be in Armenia at the time, joined in viewing the performance.

Read our reflections from 2014 meeting!

Turkish Diaries pdf

Armenia diaries pdf

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