Retreat in 2015

Posted on Posted in 2015

2015 marked the 100 year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, and at the same time conflicts within and outside of Turkey’s borders intensified. Therefore it was important to gather and come up with a long term strategy for continuing the Beyond Borders group’s activities. The group met in Buyukada, Istanbul for 7 days during which time deeper collective discussion were held around dreams and goals for the Beyond Borders project, including how to continue under increasingly difficult conditions. The group is now prepared to move forward in the direction of developing each participant’s skills and capacity in the methods of body movement, healing practices and performance art.

One of the main events during this meeting was a gathering, which took place at Kamp Armen, where a number of local activists had been struggling to resist the government’s decision to destroy this historical landmark. During this gathering the group held a improvised performance, which included a Kurdish song, an Armenian poem and moving through the space along with the audience as an act of collective healing. A video from this event will be coming soon.