Trust-building is at the core of the Beyond Borders group’s methodology. When women live in oppressive patriarchal and militarist societies, they often internalize competitiveness and distrust of one another. The violence of the heterosexist patriarchal system, which manifests in women’s lives and bodies even more when they live in militarized societies, breaks down trust of women in themselves first and foremost, and between each other as women and as human beings worthy of security in all spheres of life.

The non-verbal and body-movement methods, which the Beyond Borders group uses to bring women together help them relearn how to trust one’s own intuition and body as well as other women. One way to see this shift among women in the process of building trust is when women open up to one another in an honest way, when women feel safe and free to be themselves with each other, and most importantly, when women begin to stand together in solidarity.