Wor-L-ds Beyond Borders

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In the last three years, having met, lived and worked together in Armenia and Turkey; with the hope to continue sharing our stories in time, we wished to stay connected and learn more each other’s wor(L)ds… In order to get more acquainted with each other’s languages we decided to follow Sibil Çekmen’s playful idea from her past blog called “blibel”.

It started as one sister from Armenia and one from Turkey were sharing a word from their own language and its English translation (since English has been our helping communication language during our projects) each week. Now, it is more random. Once in a while when one of us feels moved by life, we link our life to our words and imagery worlds around that word to share them on the Facebook page.

We not only share simple dictionary meanings of words but also find an artful expression for them. In relation to these words and our worlds we write/link/upload one of following: A Sentence, Aphorisms, Drawing, Photo, Video, Song, Poem, Story etc… We wish to emphasize the power of art and creativity in this linguistic online project.

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